Summary - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) 03.11.2015

“…The Duo Pietsch Eisinger earned many bravos at its concert at the “Die Kammermusik” society in the Herzog-Friedrich-August hall of the Wiesbaden casino-association…In the process, the persistently scrutinising dialogues in the first movement of the Kreutzersonate foreshadowed how profoundly and discernibly the duo collaborates….”

FAZ 03.11.2015



Summary Deutschlandfunk, 20.09.2015

“…a discovery of the sonata composer and the discovery of a marvellous violinist…

Pietsch approaches Grieg’s sonatas very spiritedly: Nowhere does she sound undecided and tepid, her technique is infallible, allowing her to play at breakneck speed occasionally while exhibiting a grand expressional panorama full of delicate, liquescent poetry across sharp and coarse rhythm culminating in jubilant ardour…”

Deutschlandfunk 20.09.2015



“Trio Lirico” ignites fireworks of strings…the trio possesses the gift of being able to fuse all three voices in such a way as to give the listener the impression that only a single instrument is playing… the stormy musical fireworks of the concluding rondo end an enthralling musical experience – on this evening the Trio Lirico let the audience hear how lavish the sound of strings can be… "

(Goslarsche Zeitung, 05.09.2015)



“Highest achievement and dedication”… Franziska Pietsch and Detlev Eisinger demonstrated that they are true masters of their field. Both command their instruments in an enthralling manner, impressing with their brilliant technique, but also with their blind mutual understanding…the audience grasped quickly that both musicians live with the music as well as for it, blending into and rising with it… (Rhön und Saalepost 18.08.2015)


."..Franziska Pietsch does not simply possess masterful technique. Using her Testore-Violin (1751), she plays with an impressively grand and powerful tone. She plays cantilenas magically. Detlev Eisinger, who also exceeds the technical requirements, turned out to be a competent partner at the piano. He varied between accompaniment and lead intelligently…"

(Rheinische Post, 11.07.2015)





“With effulgence throughout the full range”… Beethoven’s “Kreutzersonate” creates revolutionary, gripping variations with from romantic themes…High-speed runs on the piano and violin culminating in a virtuoso finale. The mesmerised audience applauded this transparent, intelligent and sophisticated interpretation… "

( Neue Presse Coburg 16. 09.2014)



"…Pietsch’s warm and well-sounding violin sound combined perfectly with Eisinger’s nuanced piano tone. …The artists created a sound structure which is permeated both by virtuosity and expressivity…"

(Westfälischer Anzeiger 18.10.2014)



"…The programme didn’t yield any surprises. However, the interpretation was at the peak of perfection concerning the technique, expression and especially the performers’ interplay. The audience had anticipated that this evening would be extraordinary: the council chamber was packed…"

(Ruhr Nachrichten 18.10.2014)




"Here, piano and violin meet in a balanced chamber musical partnership, and it is to be heard that the challenging sonata is made for musicians like Eisinger and Pietsch…here, the ferocity and passion dammed until then is released in its entirety, allowing the musicians to perform at their best…"

(Westfälische Nachrichten, 17.06.2014)

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