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Art has the magic of penetrating the secrets of the soul, triggering and expressing feelings,


Immerse yourself in the sphere of the unsaid – the said – the unsayable, listening to the question “What determines our lives?” and to send light into the depths of the human heart.


The “WinterKlassik” took place from 26th to 28th. in the Sorbian Museum in Bautzen. January 2024 and experienced a brilliant premiere. The festival was an emotional journey through music, language and poetry from different cultures. Internationally established musicians exchanged ideas with the well-known Sorbian writer Lenka (Christiane Piniek).


The festival opened under the motto “Bridge magic between poetry and music”, with the commissioned work by the Sorbian composer Jan Cyž being a particular highlight. He wrote a trilogy for string trio based on three poems by the legendary Wendish poet Mina Witkojc, which were recited parallel to the music by the poet Lenka.


On the “search for traces between longing and reality” we ventured into the sensitive souls of the composers in order to shed light on the complex question of what meaning the word home had for the great masters.


Three intensive days ended with “a musical journey to the countries of the artists”. With surprising enthusiasm, the compositions from diverse origins ranging from Israel and Turkey, through Japan and Spain to Germany were recieved


The audience clearly shared our joy about these special, inspiring days full of music and poetry and said goodbye to us with a standing ovation.


We would like to thank the Sorbian Museum for their attentive and loving support throughout the entire festival.


I am very pleased to announce the next “WinterKlassik”:

It will take place from January 24th to 26th, 2025.


We look forward to seeing you!


Franziska Pietsch

(Festival Director)

2024 WinterKlassik Janacek (Teaser)

2024 WinterKlassik Janacek (Teaser)

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Franziska Pietsch 

Festival Director

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